Dr. Patricia Pui Shuen Lee

UPDATES from Dr. Lee for her rostered patients only (updated May 27, 2024)

Updated May 26, 2024 based on the OMA guide updated 2024**(+= AND UP) https://www.oma.org/siteassets/oma/media/pagetree/pps/billing/uninsured-services/physicians-guide-uninsured-services2024.pdf

Office Visit without Valid OHIP coverage:
Minor Assessment (A001): $65
Intermediate Assessment (A007) :$105
General Assessment (A003) :$235
Missed appointments: $60-100
Travel advice: $100+ (individual), $250+ (family) (includes prescription and administration fee of vaccines if applicable but does not include medication fees from the pharmacy)
Administration fee for travel immunization: $20 each

Attending Physician Statement: $150-300+ 
Return to work notes/Sick notes: $40+
Referrals/Massage/Physio/Orthotics/Chiropractor notes: $40+
CRA Disability Tax Credit Certificate (Form T2201): $80-200+
CPP Disability form: $115 (this is to be paid by the patient on top of the OHIP payment of $85)
Letters on behalf of patients: on case by case basis variable $300-$400/hour
Travel insurance cancellations forms: $150+
Third party physical and form (under 16): $250+
Driver’s medical and form: $250+ (form only: $70+)
Pre-op for non OHIP surgery: $250+
Extensive disability/insurance forms*: – on case basis variable $300-$400/hour
Legal reports*:  on case basis variable $300-400/hour
CRA Notes for child benefit :$40+
Note for drug authorization :$40+

Transfer of medical chart per person $50+ (discuss with KMC)
Transfer of medical chart per family $100+ (discuss with KMC)
TB skin test (if not publicly covered)* – 1 step $40, 2 steps $60 (form included), if form only $40
Wart treatment (if not OHIP covered) $40 and above depending on number of warts
Skin tag removal with liquid nitrogen – starting at $80 and above depending on number
Non-malignant mole removal – starting at $80 and above
Printing copies of chart – pages 1-20 $30, per page above 20 pages $0.25 (discuss with KMC)
Pregnancy test (urine) at patient request – $10
Ear syringing (at patient request not covered by OHIP) – $30 per ear

***Please note the above prices may be increased depending on complexity of the request. 

About me:
I’m very excited to be joining the Kingsbridge Medical Family!
I received my Doctor of Medicine from the University of Western Ontario in London, Ontario, and did my residency training at the University of Toronto and the University of Western Ontario.
I received my Master of Science in Clinical Epidemiology from the University of Toronto. I have special interest in women and children’s health and am passionate about providing evidence-based, comprehensive and preventative care.