Online Bookings

In Person Appointments: Please choose your family physician

If you wish to cancel the appointment, please open your confirmation email and click on the CANCEL button.
Refrain from calling the clinic as wait times will be longer than usual.
Non-Urgent TELEPHONE Appointments: Please choose your physician


Dr. Katrina Austria – not available yet

Dr. Ruth Abraham – not available yet

Dr. Patricia Lee
– not available yet

NOW AVAILABLE: Shot/Injection Clinic on THURSDAYs (9:00am – 12:00pm & 1:30pm – 7:00pm)
(with nurse only)

NOW AVAILABLE: Covid Vaccine Bookings (with nurse only)

Secure Messaging:

Click on link ABOVE to upload forms/photos/send messages to your physician.

Appropriate use of Secure Messaging:
– Securely send message to the medical secretary with non-urgent matters
– Receive lab requisitions
– Receive copies of test results and consult notes (by reasonable request)
– Receive details of specialist appointments (all referrals sent via secure messaging, please check your junk/spam mail)
– For prescription refills: Please call your PHARMACY instead and ask them to send a refill authorization request to (905) 890-7102.

Please note that this link is only for NON URGENT administrative questions/requests. It is not to replace an in person medical visit. All messages are answered in 3-4 business days, during regular business hours. If you need urgent attention, please call the clinic during office hours or go to your nearest ER.

Telephone appointments:
The Physician will attempt to call you, within a one hour window of the appointment time, that is, one hour before, to one hour after.
They may be calling from a BLOCKED/PRIVATE number so your phone must be able to accept these calls.
If there is no answer, and you have voicemail, they will leave a message asking you to rebook your appointment.

Medical care provided by telephone, for some disorders or urgent problems, cannot replace the need for physician examination or an in person assessment. Patients must seek urgent emergency department care as necessary, in their own judgement or if advised by the physicians or staff here.

All injections including: B12, hormone, allergy, immunization and those approved by your doctor require you to book an appointment with our nurse. Nursing appointments are available weekly, on Thursdays.

Please call us first!
All of our Physicians keep same day appointments for urgent health concerns.
Every month we receive a report from the Ministry of Health indicating when our patients are seeking care from physicians outside our group. Our clinic is then billed to pay for those services rendered.
We do not receive notes or records of your visit to a walk in clinic and they do not have access to your records or history.
We have extended business hours for your convenience. We are asking you to refrain from using walk in clinics. Please call us to schedule your appointment. We will try our best to accommodate you.