Welcome Note


We look forward to providing you the best medical care for you and your family! This clinic has provided excellence, elite, compassionate primary care for over 30 years in this community.  The family physicians are all registered in Kingsbridge Family Health Organization, providing comprehensive primary care service, with focus on illness and prevention.  We are open during regular hours, plus after hours, including all statutory holidays and weekends, 365 days a year.  

1. We offer same day and timely appointments for accessible, quality care, utilizing a top notch Electronic Medical records system. 

2. Simple problems or requests can be managed by telephone or email, avoiding office visits.  Obtain appropriate referrals, ordering appropriate tests, reviewing results.

3.Completing necessary forms and letters, fees usually apply.

4.For urgent problems on weekdays same day appointments are offered and on weekends and statutory holidays walk-in hours are available for your convince.  

5. Access to the other doctors within the clinic when your physician is not available.

To help serve you better, we ask you to commit to the following:

1. Be respectful to our office.  Verbal abuse and aggressive behaviour will NOT be tolerated.  NO ABUSE!
2. Contact our office (via phones, email or the portal on our website) WHENEVER you need primary care. We will do our best to ensure appropriate access to appropriate care.
3. URGENT ISSUES, please call us at 9am on weekdays or walk-in on weekends and statutory holidays (Schedules are available on our website)
4. Please try to book appointments ONLINE via our website, for ALL non urgent issues.
5. Please ask your pharmacist to contact us for medication renewals, or send your doctor a message via our portal.  
6. If you have questions or request that are NON URGENT please submit via the patient portal on our website.  New patients are asked to register on our waiting list.  

In an emergency please visit the emergency room.  The use of outside walk-in clinics is not appropriate:
1. Walk-in clinic’s care quality is limited as they do not have your medical records.  This results in higher risk of medication errors/unnecessary tests/more frequent referrals to ER  or right back to…..your family doctor! Walk-in clinics do NOT send your care records or test results to us.  Often resulting in scattered care, chasing hard to obtain records, suboptimal care. 
2. If you see a primary care provider/family doctor outside of our clinic, The Ministry of Health will DIRECTLY CHARGE YOUR FAMILY DOCTOR to pay the FULL FEE to the walk-in clinic doctor. If you plan to continue visiting outside walk-in clinics, we may not be able to continue providing care under this model.